What Is It Like Dating A Feminist?

Posted by FemdomDatingSites.com | Jun 10, 2020
dating a feminist

We are not going to assume that everyone reading this is familiar with the term 'feminist'. Therefore, we shall begin by stating the meaning of feminism. Feminism is the belief that both men and women are equal and that no particular gender is superior to the other. Feminists are those women who do not like to be treated like women by their male counterparts. They’d rather take up roles that are set out for the opposite gender just so they do not conform to the definition of their gender. In this article, we shall be looking at what it is like to date a feminist. To do so, we shall discuss the benefits of dating a feminist, how to date them and what one needs to know when dating a feminist. Let’s get to it.

Benefits of dating a feminist

There are several benefits that come with dating a feminist. Check these tips as below:

1. you do not feel obligated to cater to all the financial needs of the female partner

For instance, she will not hold you accountable for settling the bill by yourself when you go out on a date. If anything, a feminist will insist that you split the bill. This will have the benefit of saving you the extra expense of footing bills. And, not just bills on dates. A feminist will split pretty much any kind of expense that you both will incur when you are together.

2 You will not have to undergo any form of physical strain.

Feminist detest anything that conforms to gender roles. For example, things like changing the tire, driving, pulling the chair when you’re out in a restaurant will not be left for the man. Dating a feminist will mean that you will take turns driving and she will not expect you to solely change the tires of the car. Unless if she is not conversant with the workings of a car. She will not require you to pull the chair for her when you go out for dinner. If anything, she won’t mind doing it for you.

3. Feminists are not bothered by age differences in relationships.

Men are always bothered when the woman is older than the man in the relationship. This will not be a problem if you are dating a feminist. And, the best part is she will not have any problem being older than you. She will not do anything to make the man feel bad about it either. The age difference becomes a bother for men whenever this subject is brought up and men often feel patronized when they are dating an older woman. This is never the case with a feminist.

4. You will not feel bad if she makes more money than you as the man.

Women who are not feminists will try and patronize the man if they happen to make more money than them. Feminists, on the other hand, have a way of making the man feel comfortable with their lower financial contribution in the relationship. The fact that feminists make it comfortable for the man to thrive in a relationship where they earn less than the woman. She will comfortably help you settle your debts and loans without making you feel bad about it.

How to date a feminist

There’s a specific way in which you need to carry yourself around when seeing a feminist.

1. You need to understand that there are no gender roles when dating a feminist.

Gender roles are those duties that society expects to be done by either the men or the women. For instance, the duty of caring for the home is perceived to be a feminine role and men are not expected to doing things like changing the diapers, doing the laundry and preparing the meals. It requires the man to be as open-minded as possible when it comes to gender roles.

2. Dating a feminist means that your feminist can decide the femdom relationship

You will need to involve the other partner in 100% of the decisions that you make in the relationship. This includes both major and minor decisions concerning the internal and external affairs of your home together. If you are planning on going out on a dinner date, it would be prudent to let her share her opinion regarding the venue, the type of food to order, the means of transport to use and the type of outfit to wear. In case you are married, it is would be a little difficult since you are most probably used to being the dominant decision-maker.

3. Dating a feminist will require you to prepare to be a submissive partner.

If you are in a long-term relationship with a feminist, then chances are that you have been over the ground rules a couple of times and you both know what you want from each other. However, if you are meeting a stranger, say someone you met over a femdom dating site, it would be a good idea to go over the rules together. Make sure you are both on the same page as far as expectations and ground rules are concerned.

What you should know when dating a feminist

If it is your first time in the femdom scene, then it is quite likely that you are going to step on some toes while at it. But you can avoid all these if you follow a simple set of rules, which we’d like to call the ‘Dos and DON’Ts of femdom dating’. The first thing that you should know when dating a femdom woman is that feminists do not like compliments. They feel that complements are sweet nothings meant to subconsciously oppress the female gender. Secondly, do not offer to pull the chair once you get to the diner/restaurant. Feminists do not appreciate this gesture. Just initiate regular chitchat like you do with your boys.

Outspoken feminists will require you to support their course of defending feminism. If you are daring a feminist that you met online, take some time to find out whatever it is they stand for. Familiarize themselves with their ideals regarding feminism and their fantasies as well. Do not be quick to assume that a feminist will enjoy dominating you in the bedroom during sex. Instead, find out what she thinks about roleplaying. If you play your cards well, you are going to have the time of your life with a feminist.

Remember, not all feminists advocate 100% for equality in the general sense of things. Actually, most of those that you will meet on a femdom dating site is only the experimental types who have fetishes with sexual dominance. They like to be in control and taking full charge of the bedroom gives them the feeling of achievement as far as feminism is concerned. So, what are you waiting for, head on to your favorite femdom dating site and find yourself some nice piece of feminist ass?